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At Buzz Design Suite we strive to empower designers by providing them with the necessary tools they need to shine within today's thriving marketplace.

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What is Buzz Design Suite?

Buzz Design Suite is an all in one digital design suite, that caters to content creators, business owners and marketing agencies or anyone looking to create professionally, jaw-dropping graphic designs.

Buzz Design Suite - Graphics Studio Plus
Buzz Design Suite - Graphics Studio Plus

Graphics Studio +

This app is probably our most powerful app. Choose from thousands of templates ranging between any size social media content, book covers, mock-up generators, flyers, brochures, letterhead, certificates, banner, website, resumes, social media kits, YouTube thumbnail, Pinterest, Instagram and much much more - Everything easily accessible and quick to edit.

Buzz Design Suite - Background Remover
Buzz Design Suite - Background Remover

Background Remover

If you want to work like a Pro, you sometimes need to remove the existing background of an image you're working with in order to create a complete new look and feel for your ad or artwork. Gone are the days where you need to struggle with tedious software to get this done. This tool allows you with a single click to strip out the background of your image.

Buzz Design Suite - Logo Creator Plus
Buzz Design Suite - Logo Creator Plus

Logo Creator +

Are you looking to create CI for your clients? Great, this tool can help you create amazing looking logos, corporate identity, branding and much more on behalf of your clients. Need a tool to create brands and awesome looking logos fast, then Logo Creator + is just the tool you need in your arsenal.

Buzz Design Suite - Object Remover
Buzz Design Suite - Object Remover

Object Remover

Sometimes we all need to remove that unwanted object from an image. Example, remove 3 people from the beach so it looks like you were the only one on the beach when the photo was taken - MAGIC!

Buzz Design Suite - Motion Images
Buzz Design Suite - Motion Images

Motion Images

This app will bring motion to your still images. Example; make a waterfall come alive, make the clouds in the image move and much more! Perfect for when you want to bring some motion into your images

Buzz Design suite - Pixel Pro

Pixel PRO

Sometimes we have an image that needs to be restored to better image quality. This app will help you enhance the picture quality of certain images.

Buzz Design Suite - Smart Image Editor
Buzz Design Suite - Smart Image Editor logo

Smart Image Editor

This app is perfect for photographers who would like to get a bit more from their images. This app has tools to help you crop, create extra layers, sliders to easily adjust things like highlights, contrast and saturation. Create special effects such as Instagram-like filters, resize and rotate images.

Buzz Design Suite - Video Resizer
Buzz Design Suite - Video Resizer logo

Video Resizer

Ever needed a tool that can resize Video's? The market is flooded with image resize tools, but the world we live in today requires us to change a video into suitable sizes for varies different social media applications. Tik-Tok requires a different size than Instagram and Facebook requires a different size from YouTube. Now you can resize your video's however you see fit!

Buzz Design Suite - Video Survey
Buzz Design Suite - Video Survey Logo

Video Survey +

Imagine a tool where you can create an uploader, sent it off to a client which will allow your client to shoot a quick video testimonial based on their feedback after buying or using your service. This content can be extremely valuable and act as an independent testimony which can then be used on your website, or sprinkle it into your marketing materials for that added WOW effect

Buzz Design Suite - GIF Builder
Buzz Design Suite - GIF Builder logo

GIF Builder

When scrolling through social media, all we see is static images. What really stop someone from scrolling is movement. Now you can make your ads stand out from the rest by adding animations and movement to your old static images. Literally make them come alive and draw attention!

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Buzz Design Suite Consists of the Following 10 Power Apps

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Choose a Pricing Plan That Suits You Best

See Pricing Below and Choose a Price Plan That Works For Your Business


R350 / Month


R350 / MONTH


Once We Have Received Your Payment We Will Set Up Your Account & Activate Your License. Keep an Eye On Your Email Address...

Graphics Studio +

200 Credits / Month


R4 200 / Year


Graphics Studio +

Back Ground Remover

Logo Creator +

GIF Builder

R4 200 / YEAR


Once We Have Received Your Payment We Will Set Up Your Account & Activate Your License. Keep an Eye On Your Email Address...

200 Credits / App / Month

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What do I get when buying Buzz Design Suite?

Buzz Design Suite consists of 10 different, powerful apps. Most of our clients will start with Gs+ (Graphics Studio +) and then purchase more apps depending on their requirement. We recommend to start with Gs+ and then purchase more apps down the line. Right now it is still possible to purchase Gs+ without having to buy the full entire suite.

02. What happens after I have purchased?

We are still manually commissioning accounts at this point, so once we receive your payment we'll go ahead and set up your dashboard so that it is ready for you to log in and start enjoying the software. This will be done within 24 hours or less once we've receive payment. If you run into any troubles, you can always email support at: sales@buzzzinternational.com

03. How does the credit system work?

So every app comes with 200 credits per month. You can make unlimited amount of changes to a design, it does not impact your credits. A credit will be used only when you download a particular design. So in short, you will be able to download 200 designs per month which will replenish / refresh at the beginning of each month. Also note that you will get 200 credits for each app you have access to.

04. What happens if I purchase additional apps, do I get a separate dashboard for each app?

No, there is only one dashboard and as and when you access additional apps, we will push them to your main dashboard. Example: if you have access to the entire Buzz Design Suite, then all the apps will be visible within your dashboard. If you only subscribed to 1 apps, then only that app showing up within your dashboard.

05. What about support?

You can reach out to our support team (sales@buzzzinternational.com) should you have any questions, the support email is clearly mentioned inside each of our apps. We also have a training section within all the apps with video walkthroughs that explains in great detail how to get the most out of every app. Having said that, unlike some of our competitors, our apps were built to enhance the user experience. We did not just want to create something that gives you great power, it also had to be extremely user friendly and this is definitely evident when you use any of our apps.

06. Refund Policy?

Our apps can be purchased in bundles to enjoy certain discounts, please ask support about this. Our apps are sold in the following way; A set price per app with a small annual renewal fee. The renewal fee is to cover costs we occur such as your in app free storage, hosting etc. Each of our users get free storage to (save your work) with the purchase of each app which is imperative for keeping certain designs in your 'projects' folder for future edits etc. We do offer a free 7 day trial at no charge whatsoever, please write in to support to receive your free account.

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We strive to build amazing, professional designs so that content creators from around the globe can improve on the quality of the content they create.

Easy to Use

We knew that when we started, our platform needs to be easy to use, yet at the same time, providing a user-friendly platform for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their skillset.

Mind-Blowing Results

What was important to us, was that absolutely anyone can sign into our software and start delivering mind-blowing results to their clients.

Professional Designers

We have full-time professional designers on our payroll. Thus you can have access to extremely good looking, professionally designed templates, which are easy to edit into gorgeous designs that will make your artwork stand head & shoulders above your competition, each time, every time!

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